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Technical Specifications

  • Loop Charged Injected Air Flow
  • Energy Efficient Motor
  • Motor cooling air divided from blower outlet
  • Quiet Operation under full load conditions
  • Blower requires no cool-down time, and can be operated as required
  • High Pressure Air Delivery System to clear water from pipe work
  • Provide reliable Service up to 30 metres from Spa
  • No Water Vapour Contact with motor internals or electrical components
  • Long Serviceable Life even on on 'low quality' installations
  • No Additional waterproofing required for outside operation
  • Blower will service deep water Outlets (Over 2 metres)
  • Outstanding service in all hostile environments from snow to coastal Domestic to Commercial
  • Light  Industrial applications
  • EMC Compliance available (Europe and Australia)

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Top Cover  UV Stabilised Nylon (10 year life)
Base  High Impact Polystyrene
Motor support parts  Glass Filled Nylon (fireproof)
Foam  Accoustic Grade L517 (fireproof)
Cable gland and terminal block  International class (fireproof)
Sealant  10 year life, exterior grade
Air delivery outlet size  50 mm, taper fit

Motors - High performance  Series type
Energy efficient     
630 watt, 240 volt, 50 Hz  stock item
630 watt, 220 volt, 60 Hz  special order
860 watt, 240 volt, 50 Hz  stock item
860 watt, 220 volt, 60 Hz  stock item

Electrical lead length  1.9 metres

2 stage / swept port
Quality roller bearings top and bottom
Brush length  31 mm
Metal parts  Coated sheet
Serviceable life approximately  1,000 plus hours
Air flow 630 watt +/- 10%  130 CFM
Max pressure  24 KPA (blocked outlet)
Air flow 860 watt +/- 10%  138 CFM
Max pressure  27 KPA (blocked outlet)
Motor voltages available
240 volt  50 Hz 1.0 - 1.5 HP  stock
220 volt  60 Hz 1.5 HP  stock
110 volt  60 Hz 1.0 and 1.5 HP  order

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