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Frequently asked questions

This product's unique design, breaks tradition with the spa blower industry by focusing on reliability, quiet operation and performance. This was achieved by extensive research and development before the latest design was implemented. This design phase, resulted in a totally new concept being developed which will have the Spa King Blower leading the world in safe reliable products for many years, while offering the best serviceable life possible with the current components available.

Research and Development
With solid R&D as an ongoing policy, Aztec Sales and Air Supply International are committed to extensive R&D programs to take advantage of any worthwhile changes in motor design, performance or new technology or materials which may become available in the future.

High Quality Motors
The motors used exclusively in the blower are especially made for our use in hostile environments and manufactured to our rigid specifications. The motor have very high air flow rates for the energy used and offer extremely good pressure, this combined with our patented "Loop Charged Injection" design, offers the best possible service.

Motor use in the spa blower industry has long been neglected, Spa King have addressed this problem with the development of new, more efficient motors, that still offer equal performance. Spa King Blowers thereby follow the world wide shift to energy  conservation (see specifications).Electromagnetic Compatibility
New regulations now in force world wide required compliance with regulations for EMC, Spa King now comply with those regulations for Europe and the South Pacific area.

Why is the Blower so Quiet when Operating?
One of the many reasons for the Spa King Blower being quiet is the new PCT "patent" application for a motor cover, the motor is totally encapsulated, and all surfaces that assist in the transfer of noise vibrations have been altered, changed or eliminated.

Clean Air Delivery System
Spa King Blowers have a unique separation of air flows inside the blower. This design divides off the heated air from the motor, and allows for only clean air to be delivered to the spa with no burnt dust particles or carbon dust from the brushes entering the pipe work. With a clean air supply many light commercial interests take advantage of this product for mixing tanks, material transfer and as an aquaculture emergency air supply.

Why does the Blower hold such Good Pressure?
The blower has several features that support the motor and greatly assist in the motor's ability to hold pressure for as long as is required to clear the main air delivery lines. At one end of the motor is a small fan which supplies all the air that is required to cool the motor even under the most hostile conditions, utilising our Patent Pending motor cowl. Increased air flow through the motor will become evident as the resistance increases on the outlet pipe, this process then becomes part of the "Loop Charged Injection" patented system incorporated in the Spa King Blower.

All external parts of the blower are UV stabilised, with outside covering being made of ten year life guarantee UV improved nylon. Other components are made from glass filled nylon, or heavy duty plastic, as per safety and electrical standards.

Is the Blower suitable for Outside Installations?
Yes, Spa King have done extensive testing to weatherproofing the blower and make suitable for any weather conditions, from heavy rain to high humidity areas of Asia and Australia to snow covered mountain retreats. Spa King have tested "Safe" under those conditions by Government Testing Authority (see Specifications).

How Long can we Run the Blower?
As long as you like, no cool down time is required, as the blower has its own cooling fan at one end of the motor. (The motor's serviceable life must be taken into account). Service on this blower is not usually required for the entire usable life of the motor, 1,000 hours of serviceable life is not uncommon on ideal installations.

How far can the Blower be Placed away from the Spa?
To meet the different layouts of the quality pool builders, and difficult sites Spa King developed a product that can be used even if substantial paved areas require removal of the blower from the immediate area, thus giving the quality (high end) builders more scope and choice in the placement of the blower and unheard flexibility in the landscaping of quality Gunite pools and spas.
The average distance from blower to spa would be 30 feet (or 10 metres), however many sites are considerably further away, (or the resistance adds up to a greater distance) the blower has been known to offer exceptional service up to 150 feet (or 50 metres) using the previously mentioned features.

International Electrical Authority Approvals
Australian - New Zealand Standards for Safety  A/NZ 3135
Australian - New Zealand Standards Electromagnetic Compatibility C N1013
European Directive for EMC Compatability EN55014-1:1997
European Safety Directive (Indoor) EN60335-2-60
European Safety Directive (Outdoor) EN60335-5-55
Los Angeles Electrical Testing Laboratory for Spa King Blower - Application #497571
Expiry Date May 7 2005
(For confirmation ring 1-213-485-2377)

Blower has our patented "Loop Charged Injection" air supply system.
Spa King Blowers are the most energy efficient spa blowers in the pool equipment world, using up to 30% less energy than spa blowers for equal performance.
Divided air flows allow motor to remain at normal operating temperature under load.
Quieter operation, less than 67 decibels at 1 metre under full load conditions.
Spa King delivers only clean air to the spa, as motor cooling air is separate from the spa air delivery system.
Excellent performance against water resistance, with the 1.0 HP model able to hold up to 22 KPA, (2.6 PSI) and the 1.5 HP 27 KPA (3.5 PSI) average, under full load.
Will hold maximum pressure for as long as required to clear air supply lines. Spa King Blower can be operated continuously if required.
Spa King Blowers will supply excellent service from high altitude snow areas to beach side resorts,
Long service life even on low quality installations, or Gunite spas with long lengths of the main air supply line filled with water.
Motor is not subject to chlorine laden air flow when blower is shut down, as this return air flow only has access to the blower's air outlet.
Up to 1,000 hours of serviceable life is not uncommon on good installations.
Spa King Blowers will offer great service even at deeper than normal outlets.
Spa King Blowers are suitable for outside installations, weatherproof when mounted as per specifications (product is IP 23 rated).

Statutory Approvals
Australian Government Safety Standards  A/NZ 3136 - Model P95 - P96 Q97282
Australian Electromagnetic Interference Compliance  A/NZ 1044 (P95096) Models C
European Electromagnetic Interference Compliance  EU 5505-4-1:1977 All Models
European Low Voltage Directive 72/23 EEC amended 93/68 EEC  CE Mark

Approved for West Coast USA - Los Angeles Electrical Testing Laboratory  #497571

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